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River Landscape

This site explains the impact of hydropower on nature and how to mitigate it– welcome! 

This is the partial translation of a finnish website. You can use Google Chrome’s Website-Translation to read the pages that arent translated.

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Translations to English by Michael Wiese

Restored River

This river was fully harnessed for hydropower in the past, but has now been rehabilitated back towards a more natural state. Energy is still being produced but some of its capacity has been lost in order to create a healthy ecosystem.

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Constructed Rivers

This river is dammed and regulated. This means the river has been completely transformed into a series of lakes separated by hydropower dams. Only still water species and non-migratory fish are able to live here.

Completely constructed river>
Partially constructed river>

Natural River

This river flows unobstructed, no human alterations have been made. It has all the elements of a healthy river ecosystem with its bursting rapids, fast flowing streams, slow flowing pools and seasonal variations.

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